According to a new study, bacon might be harming your little swimmers. Yep. Those little swimmers.

Researchers looked at men dealing with in-vitro fertilization and found that the guys who ate a lot of bacon had a 28% lower success rate in making a baby.

I was under the impression that if I ate too much bacon, I would become lazy - not my sperm.

Sure, other processed meats are included in this study, but why pick on deer meat sticks. Your welcome, Salem Locker.

To make sure, I called my wife moments ago and asked if we're done having kids. She said, "Yes, dear. We are."

She sounded pretty sure about that.

I reckon on my way home I'll pick up some premium thick-cut peppercorn bacon to celebrate our three lovely children - and explain to them why they're not getting a little brother or sister.

So, for some dudes it’s time to make a tough decision. Do you want to be a daddy? Or, do you want to eat bacon?


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