Life is filled full of things that go great together, salt and pepper, pancakes and syrup, bacon and eggs, macaroni and cheese, ketchup and mustard, potatoes and gravy, even booze and baked goods.

Sioux Falls residents are finding out just how good a mix of booze, and baked goods, can be thanks to a downtown Sioux Falls bakery that is making its name specializing in both.

That bakery is called Intoxibakes, on Phillips Avenue.

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Intoxibakes is quickly establishing a reputation for being able to develop tasty, tempting alcohol-infused treats. As of right now, the downtown Sioux Falls bakery is known for featuring more than 60 flavors of different alcohol-infused cupcakes.

The gang at Intoxibakes will be the first to admit they specialize in their boozy cupcakes.

Co-owner Holly Jorgenson told Dakota News Now, “It’s been a lot of fun to try and figure out what alcohol will work and what won’t. It’s always fun to watch someone come up here and say, we’ll I’m just going to try a mini, so I can try a flavor and see what it’s like, then they’ll stand there and eat it in front of you and just go wow, this is a great flavor, and then they’ll buy a bunch more.”

Baking with booze was rather Dark and Stormy early on for Jorgenson and the Intoxibakes crew once they found out about an old state law that said it was illegal to bake with booze.

The law forced them to shut off their ovens for a brief time as they sorted this strange law out. As Dakota News Now reports, the owners of Intoxibakes worked with state legislators to change the baking law so they and other would-be booze bakers could resume the baking niche that was helping to make them unique in the Sioux Falls bakery business.

Now that the legal battle is behind them, they are cooking with gas, or should I say booze again.

Jorgenson told Dakota News Now, Intoxibakes is busy cranking out new recipes that are both boozy and non-alcohol related. Just so you know, they offer a variety of both.

If you wanna check them out, they're located in the Jones Building at 421 North Phillips Avenue.

Source: Dakota News Now

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