Former Eagles lead guitarist Don Felder says that a reunion with the Eagles is completely out of his hands. Felder, who joined the band in 1974, was fired from the Eagles in 2001 following monetary disputes with Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Eagles manager Irving Azoff. The case was settled out of court the following year.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the band's new documentary, History Of The Eagles, Felder talks about watching his career play out before him, admitting, "It's like going through a marriage and then having it fall apart. You think, if only I had not said that, or if we could've gone to counseling, or whatever, things could have been different. But unfortunately, it is what it is, and any sort of attempt or possibility of us getting back onstage together is completely up to Don and Glenn. And as you saw in the documentary, I would suspect that's not a realistic possibility in the near or even the distant future."

Felder went on to say that he doesn't feel the film accurately told how bad things got between the band's key members: "In the documentary, you got the feeling that Don and Glenn had been best buddies since '72 or something. And in fact there was always a lot of friction between them, especially when Glenn quit the band in '81 and called up Don Henley and said, 'I can't work with you anymore; I'm leaving to go do my solo records.' And Henley finally said, 'I'll work with you again when hell freezes over.' Thus, it was 14 years of them holding hard feelings against each other."

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