A popular fixture of the live music scene in Los Angeles, Ultimate Jam Night encourages a stage environment where just about anything can happen. So it only stands to reason that when Don Dokken agreed to deliver a set during a special edition of the event held during NAMM 2018, his performance would include a healthy dash of the unexpected — specifically, an appearance by his former Dokken bandmate, guitarist George Lynch.

As captured in the footage above and below, Lynch joined Dokken — who was also playing with Ira Black, Marten Andersson and Phil Varone — for performances of "Tooth and Nail" and "Kiss of Death." Lynch, who was also at the conference to talk about his personally endorsed ESP guitars, later joked about his infamously contentious history with Dokken, quipping in an Instagram post that they "started a new Dokken band last night at #namm jam," but "immediately broke up after we played 2 songs and took these pics."

Lynch's brief Dokken reunion adds a somewhat surprising postscript to the series of reunion shows held by the band's classic lineup in 2016 — something Dokken himself said was meant to be a one-time-only revival, but Lynch seemed open to continuing in some fashion.

"If I were betting I’d say there’s probably a 50/50 chance. And I’d be advocating for that, too," said Lynch. "It definitely would be something that promoters and the fans would like to see. On a business level I’m sure it could be done very easily. So, you know, never say never."

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