L.A. has a new store and we're not talking Los Angeles.

When we pulled through Lake Andes, South Dakota on the way to the river this past July 4th weekend I had to look twice.  Close to Terry's fresh cut alfalfa and right next to the lake where the fireworks were set to go off later that night was a brand new Dollar General.

It's not such a big thing that Dollar General is opening a store in South Dakota. They already have locations in Freeman, Hartford, Parkston and Gregory, but for a town the size of Lake Andes it is a big deal. It'll be another convenient spot for residents of Lake Andes and vacationers, campers and fishermen headed to the river.

We stopped in and picked up a few items over the weekend. It's a great looking store!

JD Collins via Sprint/Sioux Falls
JD Collins via Sprint/Sioux Falls

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