On Labor Day I tried canning for the 2nd time in my life.  Unlike the 1st time I canned some salsa, all these jars actually sealed.

This time around I decided to do some research on proper canning techniques.  So of course I went to youtube.

It appears that conservatively 3/4ths of the population of North America has posted a video on proper canning procedures.  Which pretty much leaves only me to watch them.

After watching about a dozen 'How To Can' videos I realized that I was canning supply delinquent.  I needed some gear.

So I went shopping.  After stopping into 3 different stores looking for jar tongs ... (for those of you not in the 3/4ths, that's a real thing.  And you should have some.) ... I found what exactly what my life was missing.

I acquired the Jar tongs, a wide mouth funnel, a big ass ladel, and a Ball Home Canning Rack.  Who's kitchen inadequate now!?

I sliced, diced, simmered, and boiled.  My inner Amish was on fire.  I pulled a dozen jars, each filled with 16 ounces of jalapeno happiness, from that hot water bath.  Great Grandma Nora would have been proud.

But now, the problem.  I don't wanna open any of these jars.  Ever.  How can I sully my creations?  It's art!