Let's talk about tools, and I mean the kind of tools you fix things with that you find in the workshop. This story is long overdue because my whole life has revolved around tools.

With my dad being a full-fledged carpenter, there were tools everywhere around me growing up. I played with tools as a little kid. They were my toys.

I had more fun sawing an old 2x4 in half and pounding nails in it than playing with a Tonka truck. As a matter of fact, one time the neighbors asked my mom if we were remolding the house because they heard hammers and saws going. My mom told them that it was just little Mark playing in the back yard.

Then as I got older, I attained great interest in cars and working on them. So I put together a large collection of mechanical tools. Plus, since my father passed away, I have all of his carpenter tools.

Recently, I ran across an article in Popular Mechanics talking about what tools you should have in your toolbox. I don't necessarily agree with the list and you may differ with it also. But here we go:

  1. Sledgehammer
  2. Center Punch
  3. Putty Knife
  4. Safety Glasses
  5. Adjustable Wrench
  6. Pipe Wrench
  7. Socket Wrench Set
  8. Combination Wrench
  9. Jigsaw
  10. Crosscut Saw

As I said, my list would be different. Where are the screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutter and regular hammer? Someday I'll show you a picture of my shop full of tools.

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