I've been a fan of Devon Allman since 2006 after hearing his band Honeytribe's debut disc called 'Torch'. The guitar-driven album and Allman's gritty, yet soulful voice was right up my alley. Honeytribe came to Sioux Falls that winter for a sparsely-attended show at the now-defunct Coconut Joe's, but those of us that were there saw a man who was just starting to find his blues-rock voice like his famous family.

Allman was raised in St. Louis by his mother and once he started playing music, he made a conscious effort to almost take the opposite path of his father Gregg and uncle Duane. Once he decided to embrace his lineage, his career started taking off. Though he may occasionally sound like Pops or look like Duane while lost in a solo, Devon is definitely his own artist and making HIS music.

His latest release, 'Ragged & Dirty' has been released since his last appearance at the Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City, Iowa in August and it shows continued growth as an artist and performer. Working with amazing producer/songwriter Tom Hambridge on this project, Allman gives us a musically diverse record with a number of highlights. The instrumental 'Midnight Lake Michigan' in all it's 9-minute glory is reminiscent of classic Allman jams while adding refinement. 'Can't Lose 'Em All', 'Ragged & Dirty' and a cover of the Spinners soul classic 'I'll Be Around' are all highlights on an album of highlights in what is his best record yet.

In addition to the solo record and band, Allman is one of five 'leaders' of the Royal Southern Brotherhood who are headlining festivals across the country and around the world. He's busy writing for their third album as well, and just got back from a European tour with RSB. The Royal Southern Brotherhood will also play the Hard Rock in Sioux City on December 11th!

Tickets are available at this link for both general admission and VIP. If you choose either general admission floor seating or general admission bar standing tickets and enter the codeword 'Crash' at checkout, your tickets will be just $5 for an incredible show at 8pm this Thursday (November 6th) at Anthem inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Sioux City, Iowa.

I got a chance to talk to Devon backstage at the Hard Rock in August before the release of the album and we talked music, his visions for his future and about the possibility of him joining his dad's band to keep the Allman Brothers alive. You can watch it below plus watch a video of a show he did earlier this year to give you a little taste of what you'll see Thursday. We'll be there again. We wouldn't miss it. You shouldn't either.