AC/DC still hasn't revealed the exact nature of the illness that has forced Malcolm Young to take a break from the band, but the rumors that Young has had a stroke have prompted Kinks founder Dave Davies to pen a message of support.

Davies, who suffered a stroke in 2004, took to his Facebook page to reach out to Young, offering a bit of advice that started with what might be the most important three words for someone in his position can hear: "never give up."

His post continued with some more practical thoughts, no doubt culled from his memories of his own post-stroke period. "Remember all the important 'tricks' you learnt and keep going over and over them in your mind," he added. "Always exercise your hands and fingers -- picking coins from the floor -- picking up pins from a flat surface -- constantly touch the tips of your fingers with the thumb and try to do it faster and faster -- image [sic] playing your best solos ever in your mind before you go to sleep -- daily."

It seems unlikely that the intensely private Young will address the reasons for his hiatus anytime soon, but whether or not the rumors of his stroke are accurate -- and whether or not he even reads or hears of Davies' post -- it's a touching display of compassion and respect from one rock 'n' roll sibling to another.

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