It was a storm that began in Southeastern South Dakota, had its most devastating effects on the state of Iowa, and eventually plowed through several midwestern states. Now, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is calling the August 10th storm one of the costliest thunderstorm events in United States history.

In total, the storm produced more than $7.5 billion in damages to crops, homes, businesses, infrastructure, and almost anything else you can imagine. To put that number into perspective, the economic damage the derecho inflicted was far worse than the Tennesse tornados back in March, and even more costly than Hurricane Isaias in August.

Although the storm began in South Dakota, it didn't pick up steam until it hit Iowa. As reported by Dakota News Now, the derecho tore through the middle part of the state, east to west, devastating everything in its wake. Top wind speeds that day exceeded 140 mph in the eastern part of the state, and many towns and cities are still reeling from the storm's effects, including Iowa's second-largest city of Cedar Rapids.

The only disaster event that has exceeded the August derecho in terms of economic damages was Hurricane Laura, which is estimated to have over $14 billion in damages. NOAA believes that the wildfires out west will also, eventually rank higher than the derecho, in terms of damage when it's all said and done.

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