By Sanford Children's Hospital

Jasmine was born with Hemihypertrophy, a rare disorder that makes half of her body grow faster than the other half. That disorder creates an environment within her body that can cause cancer, so her parents were diligent in testing her regularly.

When they moved to Sioux Falls, they moved Jasmine’s care to Sanford Children’s, and it was there they discovered that their previous doctors had missed the cancer that had been present for quite some time – cancer in both of her kidneys.

The family stays they deal with an emotional response more now than at the time of diagnosis and surgery, because they ended up having less than 24 hours to prepare for surgery. Inside is a wild reaction, but they put their faith in God. Thankfully, six months after her surgery and after an intense regimen of chemotherapy, Jasmine was deemed cancer-free. Now as they continue treatments, when they walk into the castle, it’s like walking into home.

When asked what they would say to cancer, if they could talk to it, Luke simply responds, “My God is bigger than cancer.”

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