I made no bones about this year's Super Bowl. I didn't have a horse in the race. My day, month, year, life, was not going to be changed one bit if the Ravens or 49ers won the game. I wanted a good game to watch with friends and food and hoped for some good commercials, considering the advertisers shelled out $3.8 million per 30 second ad (plus all the money that went into developing the campaign and making it come to life.) BIG money!

Here's some of the highlights and one that I can't un-watch, no matter how much I wish we could.

The Doritos ad above with 'Fashionista Daddy' was one of my favorites. But I also laughed at the Doritos "Goat For Sale ad too:

The Budweiser Colt commercial called "Brotherhood" had a lot of pre-Super Bowl buzz because of a Twitter and Facebook campaign by the beer company to name the new Clydesdale.

The Volkswagon ad to get in and drive happy with the rasta talking white guy from Wisconsin had our entire party laughing.

The Rav4 genie commercial with Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco scored well with us too.

And the Ram commercial with an old Paul Harvey speech voice over was not only the longest ad of the Super Bowl (a whopping two minutes) but resonated with the heartland despite the ad originally being used by the Arkansas Farm Bureau in the Fall of 2011 and Utah Department of Ag & Food in January 2011. (Thanks to Brian Beiber from Fresh Produce in Sioux Falls for unearthing the 'originals'. Below is the Super Bowl ad followed by a link to the Utah commercial.

And BY FAR the most nauseating commercial of the Super Bowl starred a supermodel. You would have thought starting with a client like Go Daddy, who were known for naked spots starring Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels, and adding model Bar Rafaeli, would be a recipe for success. WRONG! Disturbing enough watching it muted. Impossible to erase the commercial from your memory WITH the sound on. You've been warned.