Some people are okay with a toasty summer. Others, not so much. The Weather Channel has released its long-range forecast for summer and it calls for blistering temperatures for the central plains. Whoa...wait...that's us.

We can thank the weather pattern known as La Niña which is predicted to affect the northern and central Rockies into the northern and central Plains. They have looked at summers after La Niña winters and have found increased temperatures across the northern United States and westward.

Is it time for that backyard pool yet? Perhaps. Because if we learned anything in 2020 it's to expect the unexpected.

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"If we look at summers following first-year La Niña winters, we can see a very hot signal across most of the western and northern U.S.," said Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist with The Weather Company.

These kinds of temperatures, if they do indeed come, will spell disaster for drought-stricken states. So let's hope for a good amount of rain to accompany whatever temps may arrive.

Of course, they could be wrong and we'll have a mild summer with plenty of moisture. We can hope, right? Until then, let's make sure the air conditioner is working well and we've got that family pool membership ready to go.

Check out the full story with maps here.

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