Good news Curb Corn fans! Cornelia, otherwise known as the 57th Street Curb Corn, is healthy and has found her new, permanent in Sioux Falls for all to see.

Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken recently announced in a tweet on his Twitter account that Cornelia will stay in front of City Hall.  According to his tweet, Mayor TenHaken explains that, "Chad Theisen and his family rescued the resilient @57thC, nursed her back to life in a bucket, and today we planted her in her new forever home at City Hall. The corniest story of the year lives on.#SymbolOfHope."

As you can tell from this tweet from Cornelia, this is one happy corn!

Three weeks ago, the Curb Corn's spirit obliterated within seconds after a senseless act of inhumanity occurred during the early morning hours on Wednesday, August 19th.  The Curb Corn went to the big field in the sky...or so we thought.

Chad Theisen and his family brought light back into Sioux Falls when they decided to care for Cornelia.  This Curb Corn received emergency "crop surgery" and went to tour the City of Sioux Falls shortly after.   The Facebook post from Chad Theisen explains, "A local corn-loving crew was quickly dispatched to the scene of the crime and efforts to save the patient began. Premium soil from a local garden was mixed with MiracleGro and a long drink of water. A temporary container was procured and decorated with the flag of this great city."

It's so awesome to hear that this little corn now has a new home!  The City Hall is also a perfect location to see Cornelia in action!

Thanks for bringing us so much hope during a time of so many challenges, 57th Curb Corn.

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