B1027 would like to congratulate our winners of the Red Wing Shoes of Sioux Falls free work boot promotion. The response was amazing and it was great to hear so many heroic stories of those on the front line and the selfless nominations of so many great Sioux Falls residents.

Craig Stoos nominated Mark Mueller and wrote, "He works 6 days a week building hospitals, banks, schools he’s dedicated to safety so everyone can go home safely to the families. When I first got into the trade he taught me so much. He's a great teacher to the younger guys just getting into the trade. If anyone deserves it!"

Courtesty of Tom @ Red Wing Shoes_Sioux Falls

Also, congratulations to Sara who nominated Brandon and wrote, "Not only essential, he is CRITICALLY essential. He builds fire trucks @Rosenbauer for over 15 years! An amazing selfless man that works hard at work and THEN home. He just had a baby, Aizley, and is a great father. With baby bills, Redwings would be much appreciated!  Thank you, Brandon, B102.7 & Redwing for the opportunity!"

Courtesty of Tom @ Red Wing Shoes_Sioux Falls


Red Wing Shoes is located at 1020 W 41ST ST GILRICH MALL #1 in Sioux Falls. We are so happy to put new soles on these good souls! Thanks to everyone who entered and keep thanking those who are working hard every day.

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