Last night's all-new 'Community' episode "Herstory of Dance" ran the gamut among critics, but in most cases offered up one of the better, and more evenly balanced episodes of season. Curiously however, its ending tag didn't add anything to the episode itself, but rather gave a preview to next week's puppet-centric "Intro to Felt Surrogacy." We didn't think anything of it at the time, but how would you like to see the episode's alternate ending?

'Community's "Herstory of Dance" offered up a surprising climax, in which singer Sophie B. Hawkins actually appeared in the flesh, despite Britta's Britta-ing of her own protest dance. It provided a sweet resolution to an otherwise entertaining episode, but the episode seemingly changed things up by making its final tag a preview of next week's episode "Intro to Felt Surrogacy."

Or did it? Oddly enough, the original tag for the episode featured Sophie B. Hawkins joking around with Troy and Abed, but was cut from the episode in favor of the puppet preview. The puppet-ized 'Community' preview was a nice visual treat, as well as a good use of the "Daybreak" joke, but we were surprised to see the episode truncated as such.

Check out the original ending to 'Community's 'Herstory of Dance" below, along with the puppet preview, and tell us which tag you like better in the comments!