If you've ever been a participant at one of the 'Community' panels from either San Diego Comic-Con or various other conventions, you know that the show has a fervent love and following seemingly unbecoming of its frequent short-changing. So with 'Community' season 4 set to premiere on February 7, potentially its last year, what better way to honor the show than by giving it its very own convention? Details inside, Greendale gang!

Greendale alum, Human Beings and City College unite! 'Community' is finally getting its due as we've just learned from TVGuide that the critically acclaimed series will hold its very own convention, the aptly titled "CommuniCon!"

Details are still pouring out, but the convention holders have indicated that their intent is to hold the convention between February 9 and 10, 2013, just after the show's season 4 premiere. The convention will most likely be held at Los Angeles City College, where exterior shots were often filmed across the first season.

No word yet on how much tickets to the event would cost, or even if any of the cast and crew would participate in the 'Community' love-fest, but it would be hard to ignore. According to the website, even ousted creator and showrunner Dan Harmon himself might take part! Wouldn't place any bets on Chevy Chase, though.

What say you? Will you try to attend "CommuniCon"? Tell us what you want to see from 'Community' season 4 in the comments!