Comic-Conan! We're just barely shaking off the workload from last year's Comic-Con 2013 as we prepare for the big show this summer, but it seems Conan O'Brien is making plans even further down the line. TBS will send the 'Conan' host to San Diego for an entire week of shows to correspond with Comic-Con, though sadly in 2015, rather than this year.

TBS has announced that 'Conan' will become the first late-night show broadcast from San Diego during the event, taking place from July 8-12, 2015 at the historic Spreckels Theater in downtown San Diego. Why the network chose 2015 as opposed to this year remains somewhat unclear, but anyone will tell you that Comic-Con takes some serious work to put together, and 2015 will still have plenty of nerdy goodness for O'Brien to riff on.

Theoretically at least, the announcement also more or less confirms that O'Brien won't look to leap into the 'Late Show' chair, following David Letterman's departure at an unscheduled point in 2015. It really is anyone's game at this point, even if Stephen Colbert is rumored to be the frontrunner to take the job.

Hard to say exactly what 'Conan' at Comic-Con will entail at this point, but what do you think? Will O'Brien bring his best to the nerd mecca of 2015?

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