When the tight-knit farming community of Galva, Illinois, learned that one of their own was battling terminal cancer and having trouble harvesting his 450 acres of corn, they came out in full force with their combines to get the job done.

After Carl Bates was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, instead of hospice care he decided to go home and rest. That's when 10 combines, 12 grain carts, and 16 semis came roaring up the farmhouse driveway.  The 450 acre field usually takes over a week to complete, but with the farming community's help, the job took only one day.

We just come together and do it. Even people who were not very close to their family wanted to be involved. I think if they are in the same situation, you can’t do it by yourself." - Melissa Bates in ABC News interview

According to family members, Carl is "not the kind of guy who asked for help,"  but was very pleased and overwhelmed from the outpouring of support.

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