Last Thursday (April 1st) a press release from the City of Sturgis made its rounds on the internet and it drew lots of speculation whether this could actually be a thing. The headline read, "City of Sturgis to introduce the town’s first-ever Running of the Buffalo." citing the great tradition of Spain's Running of the Bulls as inspiration.

On the first Monday of the 2021 Sturgis Rally, city officials will (supposedly) put up barricades lining Main Street for the "safety of the spectators" as 2,000 bison will rip through the streets on August 9th.

"Being a lifelong supporter of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, we're thrilled to be able to be able to provide this exciting new event. Our herd has already started training by running up and down Highway 85." ~ Scott Peterson, a long-time member of the Hamster's Motorcycle Club and owner of the Jumpoff Buffalo Ranch

The press release goes on the say the herd will be released at the corner of Harley Davidson Way and Main Street and conclude at the corner of Main and Junction at 3:00 P.M.

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With a mix of thousands of motorcyclists and a few thousand buffalo what could go wrong?

As for whether the city of Sturgis will actually hold the event is up in the air. But we're thinking the press release sent conveniently on April 1st, was indeed an April Fool's trick - and a very good one at that!

As far as inquiries go, you can submit your questions to - and that should be a big clue :)


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