Due to the slump in attendance at the box office in recent months, one of the biggest movie theater chain is launching a monthly movie club plan. Cinamark Theaters announced Tuesday that the monthly plan lets people buy a movie ticket a month for a discount of $8.99.

So lets say that you didn't go to a movie in the past 6 months, that adds onto your club pass as 6 free movies.

In a sense you can stockpile as much as you want. According to Fox4Now, Mark Zoradi, CEO of Cinemark told CNNMoney:

The new pricing program is clearly geared toward Millennials, who are used to paying monthly fees for TV and movies on Netflix and Amazon and music subscriptions on Spotify.

Plus you get 20% off snacks and there is no online fees. Cinemark owns nearly 350 theaters in the U.S.

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