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The coziness of the Holidays is almost here! And what better way to celebrate than by making gifts by a nice crackling fireplace? Although I myself don't own a fireplace the one over at my parents' house gets some good use during the winter season :).

But around the holidays especially I find myself feeling a bit crafty when it comes to gifts for friends and loved ones. And who doesn't love a useful handmade gift from a loved one?

With that in mind, when it comes to making a project it can get quite expensive at a craft store especially when you don't have the materials already on hand.

That's where these kits come in handy! They have everything you need to make the project described inside of them already. Plus, with the premeasured material that the kit comes with, you won't have half a ball of yarn lying around the house taking up space.

This kit comes with all the balls of yarn needed to make one scarf. Plus, the two needles and instructions for the pattern advertised on the box. Scarfs can be pretty quick to make some less than an hour and are defiantly a cozy gift for the winter months.


A perfect beginner's crochet kit! Making a dishcloth is a great first project for any age. Plus if you make a few mistakes no one will notice!


Not going to lie, this kit is probably my favorite and would make a great gift for families with young kids!


So for this festive season pop in a holiday movie and craft away!