This year for Christmas, I asked for a few furniture pieces for my apartment. Some shelving units and a bookcase.

My brother was kind enough to gift me with a five shelf bookcase, but not so kind as to help me put it together.

While in the box, the thing was super heavy. Getting it from my car to my apartment was a struggle in and of itself. Then came the real task. Putting the darn thing together.

Keep in mind, the most knowledge I have of assembling things is wood shop in junior high and Thinker Toys as a kid. Here goes nothing.

After fiddling with the first two steps on the written directions, I thought, "Screw this! There's gotta be a Youtube video somewhere." And behold there was. Now we're cooking with gas.

Until, I had to take apart the top part twice because I'm an idiot. When it says make sure all the unfinished edges are facing up, they mean make sure all the unfinished edges are up. My eye for detail was lacking and had the wrong edges facing out, twice.

Also, one screw that came with the unit was already stripped. It was supposed to be a philips tip, but all the ridges were worn away. None of my screwdrivers worked. So I tightened a wrench around it and I made do.

After 2 and half, almost three hours, the darn thing was put together! Huzzah! I am woman hear me roar!

However, my back hurts a little and I hope I never have to put anything together ever again. Also, I hope it is still standing when I get home.

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