An employee from a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen location in Chicago was caught on video doing some major destruction to the store after he was allegedly not paid after a month of working.

TikTok user Sarah (@itsrah26) posted on Tuesday, sharing the now-viral video showed the unidentified employee cutting open bags of food and dumping them on the floor, and doing other damage to the restaurant.

The caption on the video simply said, “This is what happens when you don’t get paid for a month.”


The first clip of the video shows the man dumping raw chicken on the ground, then the next clip shows him doing the same with boxes of french fries.

Next, the video cuts to a clip of the man in a completely destroyed stockroom with overturned shelves, opened boxes and flipped lids.


At this point, the floor is covered in foods and liquids.

The final shot of the video shows an empty cash register with a caption that reads "At least he got his money," panning to the window to show police officers and a Chicago Police truck outside the restaurant.

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