Are you feeling lucky?

If so, or if you just want to support a great cause, then you need to get out to Blue 42 in Hartford, SD on Monday nights for the "Chase the Ace" promotion.

From 5-7 PM you can buy raffle tickets on Monday nights and if you get your number called at 7:15 you will win a portion of the pot that night.

Then you will get a opportunity to pull from one of the remaining playing cards to try and pull the Ace of Hearts.

If you are so lucky to do so, you will take home the entire JACKPOT which is now over $4,000 and growing each week.

Each week the playing card that is drawn in removed from the others and it makes the odds of pulling the Ace of Hearts better and better.

Additionally, gift certificate drawings are held for local favorites in Hartford.

This week I got lucky and took home a check for $131.00 after my raffle ticket was drawn and, unfortunately, I drew the nine of hearts.

It is a fun event that has all the proceeds going to the Hartford Area Sports group as they continue the growth of the Swenson Sports Complex in Hartford.

The facilities allow youth in the area to continue their pursuit of athletics and do so in the great city of Hartford with these additions.


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