Ladies, it might be time to start planning a trip to visit Sin City in 2017 with some of your besties - and you can go ahead and thank Channing Tatum.

In an announcement made on Wednesday, May 4, 2016, Mr. Magic Mike himself let all the ladies know that there are plenty of 'Gentlemen's Clubs' in the world, so why not start the first "Gentle-ladies Club"?

The "magic" isn't ending! According to Tatum, starting in March of 2017, Magic Mike Live is coming to the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. And to make sure he had the attention of all the ladies, Tatum made the announcement with what he knows will get their attention - attractive, shirtless men and puppies!

There is some disappointing news, however. Even though Tatum still looks almost impossible to resist at the age of 36, don't expect to see him on stage during the male revue. Instead he will be directing Magic Mike Live Las Vegas with some help from Alison Faulk, the choreographer for Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, so you have some idea of what will happen on that stage.

In case you missed Tatum's exciting announcement, ladies, here it is - complete with those attractive, shirtless men and puppies. And remember, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Source: Yahoo

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