Almost two months after suspending Catholic Masses and gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bishop Donald DeGrood of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls announced new plans for resuming services.

On Friday morning, Bishop DeGrood delivered a video message on YouTube stating that the plan is to allow pastors to reinstitute public masses on May 15th.  However, social distancing and proper hygiene measures will be critical factors when services start again.

In the video, Bishop DeGrood explains, "I've done much consultation both with civil leaders and the health experts the communications with our clergy and even the beautiful and wonderful leaders of the Rapid City Diocese, which has led to this decision seeking out the best practice that we can make the sacraments available to those who long for them.

We need to realize the limits of the time we're in and so these guidelines given out to pastors will help them work with their communities.  But I want to be clear that the dispensation from Sunday Mass is still in place for those that don't feel comfortable, who are not feeling well, or who are vulnerable to come to Sunday Mass. Those who are able and able to maintain good social distancing, good hygiene coming and leaving from church, you're very welcome to return."

Catholic services will continue to live stream through the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls media accounts for those who are unable to attend.

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