Chicago Cubs fans are losing their minds over the team's playoff run. St. Louis Cardinals fans, meanwhile, are losing

Okay, okay, not every Cardinals fan, but there is one who had to get a rather peculiar 'do after his beloved Redbirds fell to the rival Cubs in the National League Division Series.

Jay Rush, a DJ with 104.9 The Hawk in Quad  Cities, Iowa, lost a bet with co-worker and die-hard Cubs fan Slater, when the Cubs pulled out the series win.

The punishment? Rush had  to get a a haircut with the Cubs logo shaved into his head. Rush certainly took the coiff in good stride, although we're betting he can't wait until Spring Training (or whenever his hair comes back in, whichever comes first).

By the way, Miguel Rosas, who owns the New Style Barber Shop, is the artiste who did the haircut. You may not be a Cubs  fan, but you've gotta give him his credit. This is a masterpiece of sports art.

He should just be glad he doesn't have to have "World Series Champions" shaved in there. At least not yet, although there are plenty of people who've been waiting a lifetime to be able to say that.

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