They are known as a modern day LEGO, and if your child has them on their wish list for Christmas, you might want to be aware of this hazard. Bunchems, this year's hot, new toy is wreaking havoc on kids' hair.

Created by a Canadian company called Spin Master, Bunchems are soft, mini, colorful balls that kids can stack (and squish) together to make all kinds of creations and bendable art projects. Their website claims,

With Bunchems, anything is possible to create! You can create your favorite real animals, or make up your own! The possibilites are endless with Bunchems!

Yes, the possibilities of new creations are as endless as your child's imagination, but angry parents have taken to social media to issue warnings about these small plastic toys which are being called "evil".

Bunchems are not intended to be a cute hair accessory, but parents are warning that because "kids are kids", there is a very good chance they could end up in a child's hair.

One angry parent said that these are the worst toys ever!

Took three hours to get out of my 13 year old daughters hair. Do not buy, just run.

Hairstylists are also adding their opinions and reviews about Bunchems,

Just don't do it, don't buy these. My poor niece with long beautiful hair begged me not to cut it. I soldiered for nine hours on her birthday before gracefully giving up. Her butt length hair is now chin length I was lucky to save that much.

In defense of their product, Spin Master's customer service has replied to the negative comments and reviews, saying they are sorry to hear about the negative experiences.

We make every effort to caution parents of the possibility of hair tangles on the box and the instructions, but understand that sometimes a kid's creativity knows no bounds.

Bunchem has also released a video demonstrating how a parent or hairdresser can get a tangled Bunchem out of a child's hair along with a statement saying,

We want everyone to have fun with Bunchems so we encourage them to enjoy Bunchems responsibly and to follow the directions carefully and properly.