The roller coaster ride that is Johnny Manziel's life continued on Friday as he was pulled over by police and admitted to drinking while being in a public argument with his girlfriend.

The police report obtained and released by News Net 5 Cleveland, both Manziel and his girlfriend, Colleen Elizabeth Crowley, were drinking but not charged with public intoxication or a DUI.

Here are the details from the released report:

A witness called police after seeing Johnny Manziel's car use the shoulder of the road to pass her at a high speed.


The witness explained to police that she saw the female attempting to exit the vehicle while it was still moving.


Both parties, Manziel and Crowley admitted that a argument was going on between the two and she admitted throwing Manziel's wallet out of the vehicle.


The report also states that the two literally stood on the side of the road and continued the argument.

Eventually Police found the two and according to the report, Crowley told officers that Manziel had pushed her head into a window, but that she didn't feel concern for her safety.

Johnny Football took to Twitter on Friday night to explain his side of the story.

Manziel also tweeted out a message from his girlfriend in which she down plays the event too.


For me, it's simple, if Manziel assaulted his girlfriend then I'm done with the guy. I'm done with the support and I'm done with hoping he can become a starter in the NFL.

However, if indeed he was only trying to keep her in the vehicle while the vehicle was still moving, then I'm ok with his actions there, but would of hoped his stint in rehab would of caused his to quit drinking completely.

The Browns have released a statement in which they say they are investigating the situation and are aware of it.  No disciplinary action has been taken by the Browns nor the NFL to this point.


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