Getting married is a very important day in a person's life.  But is it worth an admission fee? One bride thought so.

A post on Reddit went viral after stating the bride-to-be planned to charge people (including family) to attend the wedding. The post from the bride's cousin says the following:

I have a cousin (26) her wedding is on Sunday, we’re not really close, but we do have an okay relationship. She made an announcement this week saying that she’ll be charging 50 dollars for every guest who’s coming. She said that they can Venmo her the money so there won’t be no problems and everyone who paid will be added onto the “exclusive guest list,” which basically means you won’t have to wait in line while other guests pay.

I completely understand that weddings can be expensive, but is this really necessary? Having the people that love and support you in attendance on your special day is a huge gift in itself.  In my opinion, if you want a big wedding, you need to pay the big bucks!

Even if times were tough, would you ever consider charging your wedding guests an entry fee?

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