Black widow spiders are some of the most deadly arachnids known to man, which is why county park restrooms have shut their doors temporarily.

Iowa conservation officials shut down multiple county park restrooms earlier this week after being alerted that the spiders were nesting inside.

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According to KCCI, the poisonous spiders were discovered in Page County in the far southwest part of the state.

Conservation Director, John Schwab explained that a few dozen black widows were found in a dark corner of a bathroom at Pioneer Park in Page County. The bathrooms have since been shut down and chemically treated.

The bathrooms are expected to be closed throughout the weekend but should open back up by the 4th of July.

Black Widows can be found in every U.S. state, except for Alaska.

Black Widows are poisonous arachnids, known for their hourglass shape and red markings on the abdomen.

Story Source: KCCI Website

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