The Red Hot Chili Peppers and pop star Bruno Mars will play halftime of the Super Bowl this weekend and I'm sure it will be good (especially with the Chili Peppers added) but where will it rank in the best ever halftime shows?

Everybody has their personal favorites, but most of them have been talking about the pop crap that has been force fed to us recently. How about a classic rock guy chime in?

Halftime in 2009 is going to be hard to beat with Bruce Springsteen. Energy to burn, people singing along not only in the stadium but in bars and houses across the country. It's hard to top The Boss:

The year U2 played at Super Bowl 36 was the first Bowl after 9/11 and was filled with emotion. That HAS to make the list:

I know we had a stretch of classic rockers that played halftime and the younger generation started whining about seeing 'their' artists like Beyonce', Black Eyed Peas, and who can forget 'nipplegate' with Janet Jackson? But how can you argue with the Rolling Stones?!?!

And just like the Rolling Stones, you can't argue when they tell you a Beatle is going to perform, so Paul McCartney has to make the list.

I know people who have put Aerosmith's appearance on their list as well, but when they added N'Sync AND Britney Spears, well, that sort of dropped them from the list.

And finally, I know he's not a classic rock guy, but the Minneapolis in me is showing again when I do add that Purple Yoda, a member of the rock and roll hall of fame (and a VERY under-rated guitar player) Prince, makes my list of greatest halftime shows ever.

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So what has been YOUR favorite halftime show?