Sioux Falls is a growing city, but at our heart, we're still a small town. So when an accident like the one pictured here, happens at one of the busiest intersections in the entire state, it impacts us all.

The accident happened on Valentine's Day when a Chevy Blazer driven by 32-year old Troy Hohn from Sioux Falls set off a chain reaction when it hit Stephen and Ameina Wolf's Dodge Durango at a very high speed. Hohn was killed in the crash and his funeral was held Monday. Why the accident happened is still to be determined, but the Wolf's have both been hospitalized since the accident. Stephen got out Tuesday morning after being treated for a back injury and his injuries will likely take weeks to heal.

Luckily, their three children were buckled into their safety seats and physically, should be fine. But Ameina had back surgery following the accident and went through a second surgery Tuesday morning on her shoulder. Family members say it may be a year before she is back to full strength. Family members have been taking care of the couple's three kids and will continue to do so while they recuperate.

I keep putting myself in the Wolf's place in my head. If you've ever lived in Sioux Falls, you've sat at that intersection hundreds of times if not more. I picture them sitting at that red light waiting for it to change, maybe planning on stopping into one of the many restaurants in that area since it was lunchtime when the accident happened. When out of nowhere, their lives changed. We've spent a lot of time focusing on why the accident happened and the man who was driving the Blazer, but we haven't spent enough time thinking about and caring for the survivors. But in a community like Sioux Falls, that's exactly what we do time and time again. And it's one of the many reasons I'm proud to call Sioux Falls home.

A benefit fund has been set up at Home Federal Bank under the Wolf Family Benefit to help with food, clothing for the kids, utilities and other expenses until Stephen and Ameina are able to care for themselves and their kids again.


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