Now I love a good time as much as anybody but I don't know that any of us love a good time like guys such as Kenny Stabler and Johnny Manziel.

Most people today are very familiar with Johnny Manziel on and off the field.  Some are familiar with Kenny Stabler but his popularity is much smaller than that of Jonny Football.

Stabler had a nickname too, the "Snake" and he was one of the game ultimate competitors and even more of an ultimate party man.

Kenny Stabler would of been the social media god that Manziel has become today.  There are pictures of Stabler shirtless driving a speed boat to being arm in arm with gorgeous women.  Sound familiar?

Of course, winning helps a individual like Stabler keep his place in the NFL and Manziel will have to do that as well to have longevity.

But for the Browns to bench Manziel for lying to them over being at a club on his bye week in the name of doing whats right is laughable. Play Manziel, just like the Raiders did with Stabler who led them to a Super Bowl win.

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