Back in October 2015, Sioux Falls Police saw a blitz of counterfeit money. The phony bill craze actually went mostly quiet through the major shopping season.

However, the fake money passing has resurfaced with a $100 bill found on Wednesday. Hy-Vee on East 10th St. found the offending bill according to Lieutenant David McIntire.

The bad news is that the time frame is a little broad. “Sometime between mid-morning and mid-afternoon a counterfeit bill came through the system.”

It was first noticed by management and not by the clerk who made the transaction. However, tracing back through cash transactions involving a $100 dollar bill can help narrow the potential suspect list.

McIntire says the store will make use of additional tools to catch the rascal. “Along with the records, there is also some camera footage. Detectives will see if they can put that together to produce a suspect.”

It is not immediately known if this case is related to other fake bills passed earlier this year. Many of those bills were branded “For Motion Picture Use Only.”

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