It's been 24 hours since CBS made the announcement that Stephen Colbert would be taking over for David Letterman when Dave retires from the 'Late Show' next year.

On our Facebook page we asked you what they thought of the decision, and as usual, you weren't bashful in letting us know exactly how you felt:

  • Jim Jensen Awesome choice. Makes sense to me but Ferguson deserves it more I would have even went Craig Kilborn
  • Joseph Miller Sure wouldn't be my choice.
  • Clifford Skopland Called it! booya!
  • Dan Thorson Ferguson would have been a good choice, but then he'd have to tone down his act, much like what Conan did when taking over the Tonight Show. Colbert has a good following, should be a good match for Fallon.
  • Gail Hummel Zahn I was kinda hoping for Craig Ferguson. I like Colbert....he's good. But it's a wait and see kind of thing.
  • Michael Monen Colbert sucks!!!
  • Tim Breitkreutz I like Colbert, but what he has been doing on The Daily Show, and Colbert Report, is different than this gig. It may not work out, as people might come to expect things from his show that may not flow as well in this setup.
  • Gary Mehlbrech I like Ferguson more than Letterman
  • Steve Jackson terrible decision- should have been the 6th or 7th choice "I'd like to thank CBS for the raise" Jimmy Fallon
  • Pamela Kaye Bad choice. I hated Letterman. Dislike this guy just as much!! Yuck. Sorry CBS, u still won't win me over for late nite.
  • Bill MacDonald Is this a joke? Bad choice in my opinion.
  • Chris Brandsgaard That will backfire on them big time. Falons ratings will sky rocket
  • Dany Smith Colbert is a brilliant writer. I think he'll do well. It may do viewers well to see him as he really is and not the character he plays on the Report.
  • Steve Kinder bad choice imo.
  • Patti Hanson hopefully will bring back all the quirky aspects to Late Night that Letterman abandoned years ago!

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