Attention artists, the Sioux Falls Arts Council has an opportunity for you to showcase your creativity around downtown Sioux Falls.

The Sioux Falls Arts Council is in the process of looking for a variety of creative artwork ideas that can be displayed on 26 different utility boxes that are located throughout the downtown Sioux Falls area.

As Dakota News Now reports, it is once again time to re-wrap a series of utility boxes that line the streets of the downtown Sioux Falls area with new creative artwork.

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The goal of the Sioux Falls Arts Council is to get a bunch of fresh new original artwork ideas that will help add to the culture and personality of the downtown Sioux Falls district.

The arts council intends to convert the artwork chosen into vinyl wraps that will cover the 26 different downtown Sioux Falls utility boxes.

The sky is the limit, as there are very few restrictions. Artwork ideas can be submitted by artists of all ages and skill levels from around the country. The only caveats, artwork must be suitable for public display and cannot contain copyrighted images.

Kellen Boice, the executive director of the Sioux Falls Arts Council told Dakota News Now, " Artists can submit original work of a painting, drawing, digital art, illustration, or photography. If their piece is selected, the arts council will work with them on getting a high-resolution image to be wrapped around a utility box."

The Sioux Falls creative artwork project is being called DTSF Art Box: Outdoor Gallery.

According to Dakota News Now, artwork submissions need to be turned in by (April 30). The arts council will notify all the artists selected by (May 15).

Both digital and paperwork artwork submissions are being accepted.

Interested artists can get more details by contacting the Sioux Falls Arts Council at 605.271.6696 or by email.

Source: Dakota News Now

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