Imagine, you've been told you are an adopted child. You love your parents and are happy with the way the world is spinning. Still, would you wonder? What are my biological parents doing today? Where do they work? Are they still alive? Do I have siblings?

The other day I talked with Cindy Fischer of Menno, South Dakota. Fischer and husband Tom run the Schnitz Bar, main street Menno, South Dakota. Fischer said, curiosity got the best of me. I had to find out. She added;

I'd heard from an aquattnace they they had reached out and actually found her biological child and was happy with the revelation. So, I wondered what it might be like. I went through Ancestry DNA dot com not expecting much. I sent the test [saliva sample] and waited.

She got a hit. Someone else, with her same DNA, had taken the same test. She had a match! Now, she had a region in the country to look and had names and took to Facebook for her next leg of the journey.

One week passed, then another. Then out of the blue, a first cousin, who she knew nothing of reaches out from Nebraska. That first cousin said I know your biological Mom and Dad. They live in Lodi, California. Now, she had a phone number she could call. And get some answers.

She said the first conversation was a bit tense. She was initially angry, but that anger quelled once she started asking questions.

Where Was I born? She was born in Platte, South Dakota. Her biological parents were young high school age, just kids. One from Fort Pierre and the other to Sioux City. 'Sandy and Ken' [bilogical parents] then moved to Lead, South Dakota. She didn't elaborate, but there were issues and the two chose, what must be to do the hardest thing in the world, give up their little Cindy.

I know; knot in your stomach time.  But they went through with it and moved to California. After a year and a half, they came back to South Dakota and tried to get her back. The lawyers said, sorry, it would not be what's best for the child.

Fast forward to 2019. Now Fischer knows who her biological mother is. [her adoptive parents have since passed.] Bonus, she even has a younger sister [Sheila] Fischers biological parents stayed married the whole time. Sadly her biological father passed away this past May 2019 and she was unable to meet him+.

Fischer said she and husband Tom traveled California recently to meet Mom. Her birth mother had pictures of her as a baby, she'd saved baby clothes even a baby book. She never said it over the phone, but you could hear a sense of relief in her voice. I know who my birth mother is. I know why they did what they did. And I'm OK with it.



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