With this last year the way it went down the toilet so to speak a lot of daily habits and routines quickly changed.

No longer commuting to work, can't go out for drinks with friends on Friday nights and many other routines sadly had to change

But one daily habit that some people according to The New York Times developed because of the pandemic is no longer showering every day but now only showering weekly.

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Of course one could argue that not showering daily saves you time and money on your utility bill; plus you don't have to buy your shampoo or body wash nearly as often.

But there's also an environmental trade-off of saving more water if people shower less frequently which has been stated as another benefit.

"An eight-minute shower uses up to 17 gallons of water, according to the Water Research Fund. Running water for even five minutes uses as much energy as running a 60-watt light bulb for 14 hours, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And frequent washing means going through more plastic bottles and using more soap, which is often made with petroleum"- The New York Times.

Now as a society, we are told that regardless if we shower or not you should wear deodorant daily and perfume or college depending on which you prefer.

For some, showering is a moment of tranquil peace in either the evening or the morning that also has the benefit of feeling clean and well-groomed.

But whether or not this trend will catch on or continue if it's already happening in Sioux Falls is hard to tell but maybe easier to smell.

Source: The New York Times

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