The last nationwide book retailer – Barnes & Noble – is struggling in a big way.

Their revenues are dropping and the company’s 675 stores are losing money, which is causing business experts to think that the end is near.

Could we soon see a world with no bookstores?

It wasn’t that long ago that video rental stores were everywhere – and they went away. The same is true for music stores.

Things change fast, don’t they?

With Kindle's, Nooks, tablets. iPads, and the world of the internet, books are quickly going the way of the newspaper. I still love to read a physical book, but the kids and grandkids do a majority of their reading on one of the previously mentioned machines.

Newspapers report yesterday's news tomorrow in a world where immediacy is king. We want to know what happened 60 seconds ago, halfway around the world, while we're multi-tasking.

Technology is a wonderful thing, right?

Would it bum you out to not have a bookstore to browse through? Or … Do you do lots and lots of browsing for your books online?

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