Usually in South Dakota, you go to the pheasants.

But if you're really lucky, sometimes the pheasants come to you.

With the opening if the 2017 Pheasant Hunting Season over the weekend (October 21), it's not a big surprise to see more of the birds flying around this time of the year.

What you don't expect is for one to come slamming into your window at work!

Pheasant Window
Townsquare Media

But that's exactly what happened this morning (October 23) at our Results Radio/Townsquare Media building in Sioux Falls.

There I was minding my own business in the B102.7 studio when I was startled by a thunderous crash against our west facing window (see impact marks above).

I've heard birds hit our studio windows before, but it was very apparent by the force of the impact that this was no finch, cardinal, or wren.

Upon further investigation what I found was full grown - and now fully deceased - ring-neck pheasant experiencing its first few moments of eternal bliss on the rocks immediately below the before-mentioned window.

As of this writing, the bird is being prepared for its' final journey to a loving home that will soon be giving thanks for the easiest pheasant they've ever bagged - or eaten.

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