While 'American Horror Story: Asylum' captured a great deal of attention casting former season 1 star Dylan McDermott in a mysterious new role, fellow murder house star Frances Conroy had earlier been announced for something far more mysterious.  McDermott has (technically) already made an appearance, but this Wednesday's "Dark Cousin" will see the introduction of Conroy's "Ultimate Angel."  Is she really who she claims to be, or is Ryan Murphy pulling a fast one on us?

Is the Angel of Death descending upon 'American Horror Story: Asylum?'  That remains to be seen, but we do know that this Wednesday's all-new episode "Dark Cousin" will introduce returning season 1 star Frances Conroy as a character described to be "The Ultimate Angel," whose chose of wardrobe certainly leaves us wondering.

TVLine managed to obtain the first image of Conroy in character from Wednesday's episode, looking altogether imposing as she appears to one of the inmates of Briarcliff Asylum.  Eagle-eyed viewers can spot what appears to be the possessed Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) watching from outside the door, but what could have her so terrified of the mysterious character?  For such a dark looking "angel," could Frances Conroy's character be on the opposing, "light" side?

Check out the image from this Wednesday's 'American Horror Story: Asylum' below, and give us your predictions on "Dark Cousin" in the comments!  Who is the "Ultimate Angel?'