Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently told Rolling Stone that the band's new album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, is "a unique record that's completely different from anything we ever did," adding, "The band is moving ahead in new territory that we haven't been to before, but we haven't lost our identity." We asked Cantrell to talk more about the band's evolution on its fifth studio effort: "The cool thing about record is it's a snapshot of time, of that group of individuals. And when you line up all of those records back to back, you can see where the band changes, evolves, you can maybe feel what they're going through, you know, and I think you could probably say that with all of our records. You can get a pretty good snapshot of what's going on there and, you know, we're in a different place now."

The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is due out on May 14th.