What has it been like experiencing the long, strange journey of Aerosmith? Fans have gotten a glimpse of it thanks to autobiographies from Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer, and there may be even more insights coming from bassist Tom Hamilton.

When quizzed by Zoiks! Online as to whether or not he would follow in his bandmates' footsteps with a book of his own, Hamilton said, "I think there probably will be. People have been asking me that. I always thought, 'OK, if you have two or three band members already having their book out, who wants to read another one?' I think maybe there is some perspective that I could bring to it that may not have been covered by the other three [Guitarist Joe Perry reportedly started on a book earlier this year]."

Aerosmith have spent a good amount of time on tour in 2012 in support of the 'Music From Another Dimension' album, but the bassist says there's a break on the horizon that could give him a solid start on the book. "I think we're going to have a bunch of time, a bunch of down time in the first half of next year," says Hamilton. "I'll have to get myself into a disciplined patter of writing every day and I'll see what I come up with. I do have a lot that I've written over the years in terms of journaling."

Of his source material, Hamilton adds, "There was a period when we first had our website where I did, I guess you'd call it a blog now, I just called it 'News From the Road.' I have a ton of that, that I've done and piles of notebooks that I need to spend some time with, sitting down, reading and compiling and seeing what's there and seeing if I can finish it off into something that people would be interested in reading."

The bassist says he's gotten more into the idea of writing a book as the question has come up more from fans and interviewers in recent years.

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