First iTunes, now the music of AC/DC is riding high on a drone bound for who knows where? AC/DC's 'Highway To Hell' used as secret weapon? Well, it's powerful enough that's for sure, but in this case it's accompanying a technological breakthrough of sorts. Their music is apparently traveling on a laser beam that's being bounced off a drone. The beam is reflected to a sensor located on the ground, and the full glory of the music is reconstructed.

We will attempt not to get too high tech here, but according to,  the laser beam passes through a light modulator, adding all those fancy digital zeroes and ones to the beam, at which point the light hits a mirror and is reflected back to it's original spot while carrying the data. This is all pretty upper level jargon for a band who once wrote a song called 'Big Balls,' but hey, technology does sometimes create strange bedfellows.

Yoann Thueux of Innovation Works in Newport, UK picked 'Highway To Hell' specifically. "It was on my iPod and I thought it would be a good song to go first because I know it completely by heart." he said, "I'd be the first to tell if the technology was not working properly on playback." With one song being a pretty limited playlist, we wonder, what's next to the moon, so to speak? "I happen to be in a band," Thuex said, "so maybe one of our tracks, but a colleague is also suggesting 'Fly Me to the Moon.'" Hmm, might we suggest a little 'Ride On.'

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