A new AC/DC book is on the way, and Brian Johnson is helping Alzheimer's victims.

A book on the late singer Bon Scott will be published on February 22nd. AC/DC - The Early Years With Bon Scott by Neil Daniels features a foreword by Uriah Heap's Mick Box and a bonus chapter on Back in Black, the band's first album with singer Brian Johnson following Scott's death from a night of heavy drinking on February 19th, 1980.

Last year, Brian Johnson and his Highway to Help initiative helped raise money for children with cancer, but this year they're turning their attention to Alzheimer’s. Johnson says his Fifty Plus Racing team chose Alzheimer’s because "it’s a silent killer -- you’re alive but you’re dead, and it shouldn’t be that way.” Johnson is featured in a TV ad along with Robert Plant, Alice Cooper and comedian Ron White in support of Alzheimer’s research.