With highs forecast in the 70s through the weekend, no one is thinking about cold, snowy weather even though some weather experts and the Farmer's Almanac are calling for snow as early as mid-October, higher than normal snowfall totals and colder than normal temperatures.

Now that I've effectively soured your mood, let me try to turn that frown upside down.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says there is a 60-65% chance that El Nino will develop over the northern hemisphere this winter, bringing with it warmer than normal temperatures from  November through February and maybe even into March!

NOAA does report that if in fact El Nino does develop, it will likely be weak, but it would still be enough to keep us from those long stretches of horribly bitter cold temperatures. I wouldn't however effect the snowfall totals, so before you put your snowblower out on a garage sale, you may want to get it tuned up and gassed up instead.

Below is a graph from NOAA on what temperatures are like compared to normal during an El Nino winter.