Is there anything better than the hot dog? Yes, several things come to mind, and when given the chance I'll take a bratwurst over the dog any day. And only with mustard.

But if you have kids hot dogs are as easy as Mac n Cheese. Just think back to the last picnic you had or backyard BBQ where Dad was in his culinary grilling wheelhouse making sure everything was just sooooo! Those charred crusty things were for the kids.

And now you're stuck with all the leftover buns. Ahhh, the buns. You'll thank me when we get to the bottom of this page.

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A fresh hot dog bun can save you when it's a No-Dog party so I've put my nerd foodie juices to work. Here are six ways to dress up your buns without the dogs:

NO Hot Dog


Inside the Turnblad Castle


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