Sioux Falls woman finds out the hard way how the Sioux Falls Police Department has you pay for outstanding arrest warrants.

Public Information Officer Sam Clemens reported in the Sioux Falls Police Department's Tuesday morning briefing that a Sioux Falls woman was scammed out of $2500.

A 64-year-old Sioux Falls woman received a phone call on Monday night from someone claiming to be a deputy from Minnehaha County.

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This person said that the woman was wanted on a couple of warrants for Contempt of Court and Missing Grand Jury.

The caller then gave the woman instructions that she had to go to several locations and purchase gift cards totaling $2500. She did that and then gave the gift card numbers to the caller.

After she bought the gift cards totaling $2500 and gave the numbers to the person on the phone she had some suspicions that this might be a scam and called the Sioux Falls Police.

By then it was too late. Officer Clemens stated the chances of the woman getting her money back were “slim to none”.

Recouping money from these types of scams is almost impossible. Once you give card numbers to scammers they redeem them immediately and that money is gone.

Clemens reminds us that “This type of scam pops up again and again. There is not any law enforcement anywhere that takes gift cards for outstanding warrants. That should be a big red flag.”

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